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FS ABOGADOS it is made up of a qualified team of lawyers specialized in various areas of Law who, with an innovative vision and proactive attitude, practice and promote the advocacy that you expect and deserve. Through our services, with honesty and efficiency, we provide our clients with comprehensive tailor-made solutions with high added value, thus allowing them to carry out their affairs with the best Legal Strategy. Our priority is the total satisfaction of our clients. For these purposes, you will always be attended by a professional who will assist you and / or advise at all times. Likewise, by virtue of a conciliatory profile, we do not assume the judicialization of conflicts through litigation, but we fight for an alternative resolution of controversies. This vision of constant renewal and specialization combined with our professional treatment make our law firm the best option for you to entrust to us. your causes, business and other inquiries related to our scope of application. Our best letter of introduction is our clients.

  • Constant specialization
  • Personalized attention
  • Professionalism
  • Innovative vision
  • Always close to our clients

Legal Practice

We are grateful for the practice of Law because it gives us the excellent opportunity to study and train constantly.

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  Retirements and Pensions

Our law firm is made up of lawyers specialized in the law that regulates Social Security, who will carry out a specific analysis of your pension situation, carrying out the appropriate legal framework on the occasion of carry out the processing of your service in the best and most efficient way. For more information, contact us.

  • Ordinary retirements
  • Retirement adjustments
  • Disability withdrawal
  • Retirement for older adults
  • Retirement for foreigners
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We offer you the possibility of judicially processing your succession in short terms, with affordable fees and guaranteeing your peace of mind with our commitment. To resolve your concerns, please contact us.

Family laws

Our lawyers know how important and indispensable the livelihood of people is, especially when they are minors or are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Both parents have a maintenance obligation with respect to their children. Grandparents also have a subsidiary food obligation. The New Code enables the parent who assumed the care of the child, to demand from the other the reimbursement of what was spent on food until the start of the claim for food, in the part that corresponds to the non-cohabitant.


Divorce by joint filing (Both) or only one at the request of one of the spouses, are the figures accepted by the new Civil Code. There is no requirement that both spouses agree to divorce. It is not necessary to prove the grounds for divorce or clarify reasons. Deadlines and causes disappear. They do not have to prove to a judge who was at fault for the marital failure, nor will they be required to undergo therapy to regain the relationship. It is enough for one of the two to decide to end the couple.


We are with you legally accompanying you in each instance of a labor process, counting on our attention for all your judicial and extrajudicial matters. In our study we strive for the best solution for our clients. For more information, contact us.

Curatorship and guardianship

They are intended to complete people's ability, so it will be necessary the intervention of the guardian or curator in those acts that minors, prodigals or incapacitated persons cannot carry out by themselves. themselves, as provided by the court ruling declaring incapacity. Our study will advise you and will attend throughout the judicial process.

FS Abogados

The best legal strategy is to seek preventive advice from our professionals.

More Services

FS Abogados is a law firm that offers a wide range of legal services for each and every one of our clients.

Real state Contracts

Due to the constant updating of the laws, you must have a law firm with permanent training by your side.

Business consulting

Our experience in the sector makes the vision of our experts in the legal matters of your company essential.

Advisory ANSES and AFIP

Due to the interaction that involves the different state agencies, it is extremely important to have a law firm trained in tax and social security issues.

Retirements for Argentines living abroad

If you are in another country, you can take advice for your retirement. We have professionals who can assist you in Spanish or English.


If you do not have the necessary pension contributions time to retire, contact us.

Institute of Social Security (IPS)

If you are within the regime applicable to the Instituto de Prevision Social Provincia de Buenos Aires, we can advise you.


Our lawyers have consolidated experience and are always willing to provide you with the best care.

Dra. Cecilia Andrea Fernandez


Graduated as a lawyer from the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires. The doctor has specialized in Pension Law and is currently completing a Master's Degree in Business Law. As a legal professional, she has provided advisory services to small and medium-sized companies and large firms. She has worked in the Civil, Commercial, Labor, Administrative and Municipal jurisdictions. In constant training, she has attended courses, conferences and seminars related to Social Security Law, Labor Law, Civil Law, Tax Law and Constitutional Law. The Doctor has high studies in the English language, of utmost importance for interlocution with companies and / or people based in other countries. The great interest in Law, her tenacious education and her specialization, make Dr. Cecilia Andrea Fernandez a highly trained professional to be able to offer her assistance in different institutes of Law.

Dr. Pablo Javier Spahn


Graduated as a Lawyer from the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires. He has completed his high studies with a specialization in Labor Law. The Doctor has complemented his University studies by attending courses and seminars related to Civil Law, Labor Law, Procedural Law, Family Law. In parallel to his undergraduate studies, the Doctor has been trained in the computer area, where he has outstanding skills. In practice, he has worked in the areas of Civil Law, Labor Law, Family Law and Social Security Law. His good vision of Law, his ability to understand and resolve legal issues, in accordance with his studies, make Dr. Pablo Spahn a very reliable source of consultation for clients.

Maricel Balbin

Legal Assistant

Legal assistant with several years of experience in this field, with communication skills that are essential to a better deal with the client to achieve the best objectives. It also has great dynamism, organizational capacity, quality care, thoughtful and analytical attitude. Her performance within the company leads to development, cordiality and empathy with each client.

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